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January 12, 2009

Nurney Primary must feature in School Building Programme – Daly


Councillor Richard DalyDespite the doom and gloom pronouncements for the next few years, Nurney Primary School must be included in the Springtime list to be announced by the Department of Education and Science according to Cllr Richard Daly of Fine Gael.

“Both in my capacity as a public representative and as a school principal I am extremely aware of the plight of the Primary School community in Nurney who have been left on the waiting list for far too long. The condition of the permanent building and the proliferation of prefabs send out a signal of neglect to the local community. I am only too well aware of the negative impact of inadequate and outdated buildings on the morale of students who should be our priority.

I am delighted with the advances being made in the construction of my own school project and have given a commitment that I will put every effort now to ensure justice for Nurney School which is in our catchment area and which has been overlooked for too long by the Department of Education and Science.

I am encouraging residents in the area to let public representatives know that Education will be an election issue in the forthcoming local and European elections. A window of opportunity exists where pressure can be put on the government which will not arise again for a number of years and it must not be ignored.

In my capacity as a school principal I attended a meeting of parents in Nurney following their omission from last autumn’s list where a general feeling of frustration was apparent. A number of local schools had benefitted from recent investment but despite almost a decade on the building list Nurney was once more kicked into touch and progress deferred.

Education is probably the most important area for investment to prepare us for once more attracting investment in our economy and will reap the surest of rewards and the excuse that these are difficult times cannot be used.

Now is the time to loudly let it be known that Education will be an election issue for Nurney” said Cllr Daly