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January 29, 2009

NUIM - Working With Industry and Helping Grow Businesses

NUIM Office of CommercialisationNUIM will launch an “NUIM Connect” event on April 1st 2009 in the premier setting of Carton House.

 The event will showcase how NUIM can work with industry and how NUIM can help grow businesses. The theme for this year’s meeting is:

“NUIM’s role in building a knowledge economy and delivering market focussed research”.

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Download the Event Details here

The format of the event is outlined below:

Introduction and Welcome – John Scanlan (5mins)
John is Director of Commercialisation at NUIM and he will outline the role of the Commercialisation Office, its recent activities and the focus on working closely with industry.

A. Talks Session (each 15mins)

1. Dan Flinter – “NUIM and the knowledge economy”
Dan is Charman of the Governing Authority of NUIM and formerly CEO of Enterprise Ireland. Dan will speak about how NUIM is reaching out to industry and how this is critical to Ireland’s economic future.

2. Andrew Parish – “Case Study 1: Working with NUIM”
Andrew is CEO of Wavebob, a leading Irish wave energy company. Andrew will outline how he works with NUIM and what research and development and technology transfer from NUIM mean to his business.

3. Andrew Wood – “The role of Universities in creating new business opportunities for industry”
Andrew is Head of Research for Eli Lilly Europe. Andrew is responsible for all Lilly’s research activity and pipeline in Europe. He is passionate about the role of Universities in technology transfer and has strong links with Cambridge and UCL.

4. Jim Humphries – “Ireland’s new opportunity”
Jim is co-founder LGE Executives and former Vice President Dell Corporation. He will outline how the closure of Dell was inevitable and how we must now look to build our own home-grown multi-national competitive companies.

5. Colm Rogers – “Working with Universities and Tax Incentives”
Colm is senior partner with KPMG and was a key advisor to the government helping change the tax incentives for companies doing R&D. Colm will outline how outsourcing R&D to Universities has never been cheaper and how to maximize these benefits.

6. Seamus Butler – “Case Study 2: Working with NUIM”
Seamus is CEO of Butler Manufacturing Systems, a global supplier of wastewater treatment products. He will outline his experience of working with NUIM researchers and how it has impacted his business.

B. Town Hall session
A panel of 5 including representatives from industry, funding agencies and the University will answer questions from the audience in an open and free flowing Q&A session.

C. Showcase displays
- NUIM will showcase how it works with industry, some case studies and how it works
- EI will showcase how it supports and funds University / Industry links
- KPMG (tax), McCann Fitzgerald’s (legal), FR Kelly (IP) will be available to offer advice

 Expected Audience:
 A large part of the audience will be made up of SME’s from Dublin, Kildare and Meath. Our aim is to reach out to these businesses and make them aware of how we can help them. Industries we currently work with will wear special identifying badges so new partners can talk to them first hand about their experiences working with NUIM.

We will also have substantial representation from NUIM researchers so we can promote our expertise and help develop new links.

Enterprise Ireland and other state and local agencies will also attend and outline how they can help promote this critical activity.


8:15am Registration
8:45am Talks session
10:45am Coffee
11:15am Q&A Town Hall session
12:45pm Lunch