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May 14, 2012

Job Success for NUIM Class of 2011 Business Graduates

98% of Last Year’s Business Graduates in Full-Time Employment

nui maynooth  
Last year’s graduates from NUI Maynooth’s School of Business MSc programmes enjoyed a nearly 100% success rate in finding full-time employment, according to a recent survey.  Maynooth’s School of Business offers a range of business masters programmes for both business and non-business graduates.

The survey, carried out by the School of Business, received a 100% response rate from students. Of the 52 graduates, only 1 was currently out of employment.  Most of the respondents are employed in international companies and national concerns, with many of them employed in management and executive roles. 

The employment success of NUI Maynooth’s Business Graduates in a competitive job market is proof of the career-orientated programmes offered by the University, according to academics in the department.

Commenting on the figures, Prof Robert Galavan, Professor of Strategic Management in the School of Business said, “The MSc programmes in Strategy and Innovation, Business Management, IT Management and Human Resources Management/Development are clearly valued by employers due to their applied and relevant nature. They provide graduates with disciplinary expertise with an additional set of management and business tools which has proven to significantly enhance their employment and career development potential.”