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October 06, 2008

Derek Landy in Leixlip Community Library for Children's BookFest '08

Four classes of local schoolchildren were entertained by Derek Landy, creator of the clever skeleton detective, Skulduggery Pleasant. Children and teachers alike were spellbound by Landy’s tales of growing up 'with a head like a potato' and meetings with Stephen Spielberg.

He is on first name terms with the world famous director - in fact he calls him Ste! He spoke to the children about his new house guarded by ferocious cats and partook in a lively question and answer session.

Derek Landy Visit to Leixlip Library

Derek Landy has two Skulduggery Pleasant books, with the latest one, 'Playing with Fire', just released. Packed with adventure, fun, humour, and magic, the characters he creates all add to the rush of excitement that greets any reader of these books.

The characters include

  • Skulduggery Pleasant, Detective
  • Stephanie Edgley, Student. Adventurer
  • Ghastly Bespoke, Tailor
  • Tanith Low, Professional trouble-maker

Visit Dereks website -

Derek Landy Visit to Leixlip Library