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July 06, 2007

Sallins Know Your Neighbour Party

Paul H. Tubb A “Get to Know Your Neighbour” Picnic Party is being held at the Waterways in Sallins Saturday 14th July from 12pm to 3pm.

The casual but fun filled meet and greet event will be held on the green of the estate. Residents will be treated to a performance by Paul H. Tubb, a resident of the Waterways, and children’s comic poet, humorist and singer/songwriter.

The event will be held come rain or shine; just be sure to bring an umbrella and picnic blanket.

As the Waterways is a new development there is an increased need for residents to get out and get to know each other. Not only are the residents of The Waterways in Sallins new to the newly built estate, but many residents are also new to County Kildare and Ireland itself.

The event is being staged in conjunction with the National “Know Your Neighbour Weekend” organized by Macra na Feirme and sponsored by ESB.

The Waterways Picnic Party is being organized by Daria Walsh, resident and local photographer and writer. She and her husband moved to the Waterways last year from Cork and noticed immediately the difficulties in getting to know their new neighbours. Seeing the potential in the Waterways for a friendly, community spirit, Daria has taken the lead from Macra na Feirme to get the ball rolling.

The hope is that the event will make neighbours out of residents and plant the seed for a great community atmosphere at The Waterways. Hopefully more of The Waterways residents will be encouraged to organize additional events and meeting groups.

For information on Macra’s “Know Your Neighbour Weekend” please phone 01-426-8915 or see the website at For additional information on The Waterways Picnic Party please contact Daria at 087-742-7342 or e-mail at