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October 15, 2012

Newbridge Community and Voluntary Awards 2012

Newbridge Town CouncilDroichead Nua Town Council is inviting nominations for Community and Voluntary Awards to be granted by the Council.

These awards pertain to individual, community groups and organisations within Newbridge Town, whose activities promote the well-being of communities in the Town.

In 2012 there will be nine awards.

1) Culture-award for the best facilitator/organisation

2) Culture-award for most talented performer

3) Community/voluntary group

4) Community/voluntary individual

5) Academic/educational achievement

6) Sporting-award for best club/organisation

7) Sporting-award for best volunteer

8) Sporting-award for athlete

9) Hall of Fame


Nominations should clearly state:

1. The name of nominee and contact details

2. The name of proposer and contact details

3. The reasons why the nominee is being nominated

Any other supporting material would be helpful.

Closing date for receipt of nominations is Friday 6th November 2012.

Nominations for the above scheme should be sent to:

Town Clerk, Droichead Nua Town Council, Town Hall, Newbridge. 
Tel: 045 980560 or by Email: