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July 12, 2013


with Eddie Hobbs

With a little Give or Take… could you and your neighbourhood make your wishes come true?

How much will you sacrifice to help somebody else? Psychologists tell us that Giving is more rewarding than Taking. This new and exciting show puts that theory to the test.

In the show, we are bringing together a group of people - an estate, a street, an apartment block, or people from the same town - to form a Give or Take Club for one month. Everyone must be prepared to Give a Wish, or Take a Wish. Everyone will make a ‘Wish List’, writing down things they want – small and big: a holiday; a better car; a job; a job share; a makeover; a garden makeover; respite care; one night out a week. Everyone lists their assets: time, money, skills. This is the Give Or Take List. Acting together the Club can realise some, but not all, of their list. And not without some sacrifice, selfless action. innovation and good old horse-trading. What could you change on your own doorstep in the space of just one month?

Leading financial expert, Eddie Hobbs is The Negotiator. Eddie will use all his financial know-how and negotiating skills to help your community uncover the hidden assets, resources and skills to achieve as much of the Give or Take list as possible. He’ll set out to pair wants and needs with available assets.

We are looking for people from the same area to take part. You can sign up on your own, with a partner or friends, or as a group or household. Those participating must have availability for filming during September 2013 – dates will be confirmed as far in advance as possible. Eddie will meet the Club once a week to set challenges and offer financial tips and tools to achieve them. The Club meeting will be filmed for the show. Eddie will follow up with some individuals or households one on one as the Club progresses.


-    Gain financial know-how and learn new lifestyle budgeting skills
-    Discover the feel-good factor of Giving
-    Connect with local people and problems you care about
-    Meet new people with shared interests and values
-    Get to know your neighbours better
-    Potentially fulfil a personal wish or ambition with the help of others
-    Showcase your area’s community spirit
-    Be part of an exciting social experiment and Ireland’s first Give or Take Club that could kickstart Clubs in communities around the country.

The Give Or Take Club seeks to reflect the current economic climate. It also seeks to empower people, to selflessly help their fellow neighbour. It is a test of human nature, proving that indeed there is more in the giving than the taking.

If you are 18 or over and interested in taking part or would like more information, no obligations:

Please contact or call 01-7088192 / 01-7088157

Please get in touch no later than: Friday 19th July 2013