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November 20, 2009

Launch of new DARA Community Support Programme

DARA Community Support ProgrammeFrom November 2009, a new service delivering one-to-one support for adults with learning difficulties will be available in North-Kildare and the surrounding areas. The Dara Community Support Programme will provide tailored supports to people who wish to develop an independent social life by becoming involved in their local community.

“Social inclusion has benefits for everyone” says Dara Community Worker Artur Skuratowicz  “Whilst this particular programme is aimed at people who are not currently linked in with other special services, we anticipate that in the long-term, the outcomes will also impact positively on the wider communities involved”.

The Dara Community Support Programme is being provided by DARA Residential Services. It is being funded by HSE and led by Dr Bob McCormack.  A core focus of the programme is to reach people who are socially isolated and to empower participants to build new friendships, develop new interests and explore ways in which they can enjoy rich and rewarding social experiences.

Under the new programme, a Dara Community Worker will meet individually with participants to discuss their needs and experiences and begin supporting them in their new community involvement at weekends and on week-day evenings. The role of the Community Support Worker is to help participants access information, plan activities, meet people and develop social pursuits that are sustainable into the future.

Each programme will be person-centred and led by the participants themselves, allowing people to lead the life of their choice and to reach their full potential by living and socialising according to their own abilities.

There is no fee associated with the support service however participants are expected to meet the costs of their own travel and expenses.  The DARA Community Support Worker will help participants plan affordable and accessible activities in their local community.

To make a referral or to obtain further information, interested people can contact Dr Bob McCormack at the DARA Community Support Programme on 01 627 1484.