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July 01, 2008

Launch of Multicultural Chess Club in Kill

The Kildare Community Partnership, under the Community Participation Programme, facilitated development of a non-profit organization, the Kildare EU Club, a multicultural volunteers organization uniting people from different countries living in county Kildare.

Kill chess club As one of the 2008 actions towards new communities, the Kildare EU Club established, early this year, a dedicated committee with the aim of starting a  Multicultural Chess Club.

The Kildare EU Club, in close collaboration with the KILDARE COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP, organised a Multicultural Chess Tournament on Saturday 7th June 2008.

The 1st  CHESS TOURNAMENT was hosted by Kill GAA. 8 players were qualified and 7 players registered on the day. Tournament rules were set by the multi-national committee and by judge Jan from the Czech Republic.
Players played each other on a 15 minute time limit per game. 

Kill chess tournament The winners were:

  1. Grzegorz Kurasz
  2. Ian Verkin
  3. Stanislaw Buczkowski

The medals were presented by Mr. Richard Farrell, who officially launched the Chess Club. Mr. Farrell, of the Kildare Sports Partnership, said:

"Before I started to work with Kildare Sports Partnership, I was working with the national organization Community Games, which support chess, draughts, arts and that kind of area. The Kildare Sports Partnership is working on a model to support sporting activities in the context that sport produces happy minds and happy bodies, which leads to personal happiness. I can see you have done tremendous work here and I hope you will continue."

The tournament was very well organized and one of the players commented:

"This is my 5th year in Ireland and I was very surprised that something like this exists. I found it advertised on a Slovakian website. I have met very good players here and I enjoyed quality games and it is for me an unforgettable experience. I would be more than happy to see this kind of event in my county." said Ian Verkin,who travelled to Co. Kildare to take part in tournament.

Kill chess clubThe members of the club extend thanks to Kill  GAA Club for the tournament space they are providing for the Chess Club; to the Community Foundation of Ireland; to the Kildare Community Partneship and to Kildare Sports Partnership for great support, and to all volunteers who took  part in the event.

The Chess Club is held in GAA Kill every Friday at 9 pm.

For more info contact coordinator Teresa Buczkowska at or Eliska Schneiderova at, 045-895 450.