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August 25, 2011

Kilcock Community Participation Strategy Gets Green Light

County Kildare Leader Partnership and Kildare County Council The Integrated Services Programme (ISP) for County Kildare is a project of the Kildare County Development Board (CDB) Strategic Plan 2020, for which the CDB has responsibility and ultimate decision making authority. Initially endorsed by the CDB in 2008 it was launched in Kildare Town in 2010. The ISP is currently being rolled out in Kilcock. 

The key achievement of the ISP has been the drawing together of the multiple strands within a geographic region, such as the business, public and community sectors along with facilitating a high degree of local area solidarity. The ISP does this by driving an inclusive, action focused process and delivering numerous tangible outcomes over its current form of existence. The expansion of the programme into North Kildare builds on the work to date in Kildare Town.

In order to launch the ISP in Kilcock Local Area Research must be undertaken to identify the social, cultural, economic, recreational, educational, tourism and any other need appropriate to Kilcock. A Community Participation Strategy will also run concurrently. We are delighted to announce the County Kildare LEADER Partnership will fund this process.

Burtenshaw Kenny & Associates have been engaged as researchers. The findings will inform the development of an action plan in conjunction with Project Implementation team (PIT) members.  PIT members will include senior staff from HSE, FAS, Garda Siochana, VEC, Department of Social & Family Affairs, Kildare County Council, County Kildare LEADER Partnership, South Western Regional Drugs Task Force and the business and community sectors in the town.

A Community Participation Strategy is a key element of the programme and will be developed and implemented by Elevate Project Management & Consultancy who has the expertise in community development.

Burtenshaw Kenny & Associates and Elevate Project Management & Consultancy will be engaging in the Kilcock area in the coming weeks. A schedule of consultations is currently being agreed and will be advertised in the local area. Honor Griffin as ISP Coordinator, North Kildare will oversee the management of the Research and the development of the Community Participation Strategy.

Please contact Honor at 087 7828928 or email for more information.