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July 27, 2012

Kfm: Kildare's Most Popular Station With 80,000 Listeners

KFMKfm 97.6/97.3fm remains county Kildare’s most listened to independent radio station, attracting in excess of 80,000 listeners over the age of 15 weekly.

On a daily basis within county Kildare, Kfm programmes comfortably out-perform national and regional stations across most of the day. 

Some stations broadcasting into the county have a very low single figure listenership, despite wildly optimistic spin on their part, not to mention the fact that their so-called Kildare content is only a very tiny part of an on-air multi county mix.

Kfm C.E.O. Clem Ryan says the figures reflect Kfm’s pre-eminent position in the radio market within county Kildare.

“While other stations make claims about Kildare, the absolute fact is that Kfm is the only radio station dedicated, and licensed, exclusively to cover the whole of county Kildare 24/7.  Others try to opportunistically brand themselves as Kildare as part of a commercial strategy, without any of the comprehensive Kildare content or on-air commitments to the county of Kfm.  Kfm is the only radio station that exclusively covers the diverse range of Kildare news and current affairs, with unrivalled Kildare sports coverage of all codes and great music.”

“For county Kildare advertisers, the message is equally reassuring!  On Kfm 97.6/97.3fm, their message is reaching the broadest possible audience in their own area and right across the whole county, and not just a part of the county in a mix of other counties’ messages.”

The facts speak for themselves:  Kildare’s Kfm – County Kildare’s Official Radio Station!  The Kfm CEO paid tribute to the Kfm staff for their ongoing professionalism and thanked both listeners and advertisers for their support.

Kfm broadcasts to every corner of county Kildare on 97.6fm and 97.3fm.