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July 06, 2011

KCC Launch Road Safety Campaign for Oxegen

Kildare Road Safety Guide

If you are heading to Oxegen, please avail of public transport or the Park and Ride facilities where possible. However, if you must drive to Oxegen, please follow these simple and safe rules:

  • Prepare for your journey and ensure your vehicle is roadworthy
  • Never overload your vehicle with passengers or moveable items
  • Never Drive while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs and always

    refuse to take a lift from someone who is unfit to drive.
  • Never use a mobile phone while driving. This includes making or taking a
    call, sending or reading a text or scanning through social media.
  • Always wear a seatbelt while travelling in a vehicle.
  • Drivers: Speeding Kills - Kill Your Speed and Never start a journey if you are
    feeling tired