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October 02, 2009

FREE Compost & Wildlife Gardening Talk

Throughout the summer the Irish Peatland Conservaton Council have been running a series of Wildlife talks and walks and they will draw to a close with a free composting and wildlife gardening talk at the Bog of Allen Nature centre on Monday 12th October from 6-8pm.
This is perfect time of year to get composting.  Leaves are starting to block drains and cause a slip hazard, over the next couple of weeks we will be clearing away dead plants in our gardens and doing the last lawn cut of the year and your composting cone is the ideal place to convert this waste into nutrient rich compost for your garden.  Up to a third of household waste can be composted alone and does’nt it make sense to reuse this waste rather then sending it to a landfill site?  The talk will cover three types of composting leaf mould, composting garden waste using a cone and wormeries for all food waste.  For those of you who have not started composting yet this talk will give you the information to get composting and for those of you who have started composting the talk will give you ideas of how to speed up the convertion of your waste to compost or solve any problems you may be experiencing.
To bring the evening to a close a short presentation on wildlife gardening will also be offered.  Over the coming weeks, wildlife all over Kildare will be looking for hibernation grounds and garden birds will be looking for your help throughout the winter so creating habitats is our gardens is one way that we can offer Kildare’s wildlife a home. This event is open to everyone so come along and learn how you can encourage wildlife into your garden and divert garden and food waste away from landfill sites.  For further information or to book a place contact Nuala Madigan at the Bog of Allen Nature Centre on 045-860133.