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October 28, 2009

Feile na Samhna to Bring People Together

FADA to host 2nd annual event in Newbridge Oct. 30, 31

Beat the world crisis blues and raise your spirits at FADA's second annual Feile na Sammhna (Halloween Festival) on the 30th and 31st of October around Georges St., Newbridge. The festival will feature children's activities, live music, markets, craft demonstrations, speakers and films.

The event is organised by FADA (, a county-wide volunteer organisation that looks for local solutions to global problems. FADA opened the Bia Linn community garden in July, hosted a benefit concert by Luka Bloom Oct. 1, and holds courses on gardening, peak oil, climate change and home heating.

The Feile, which was created to bring people from around the community together and focus on positive solutions to the current crisis, will take place on Georges St at VTOS Adult Education, the Newbridge School of Music and An Chistin. It will begin Friday, Oct. 30th on Georges St., when the Culture Factory will host a battle of the bands for local musical talent.

On Saturday, Oct. 31 the main events begin on the street. Many events will be set up for children, including an area for conker contests and bubble-blowing. Nico and Martin's Instant Orchestra will perform for younger children, and storyteller Nuala Hayes will perform "The Wilder Wisdom of Auld Ones" with harpist and composer Anne Marie O' Farrell.

Those interested in gardening will have an advice and workshop area, with several courses for adults. Seed Savers Ireland will host a course in collecting and saving one's garden seeds for the next year; local gardener Angela Nolan will host an organic gardening introduction workshop, and Michael Miklis of the Biodynamic Association of Ireland will give a talk on consumer shareholder agriculture.

The Feile will also focus on ways local neighbours can deal with the economic crisis. A barter tent will allow people to trade their unwanted goods, while booths will showcase local entrepreneurs. Steve Alin, coordinator of Kenmare's local "Youro" currency, will speak about the advantages of local money.

In addition to the talks, there will be a room for films and discussion about making one's community and country more self-reliant. Kildare Youth Theatre will perform skits about life after peak oil, and the elders are invited to share their stories of how life used to be in simpler times. Finally, there will be competitions for pumpkin carving and extraordinary vegetables, and fancy-dress costumes.

For more information e-mail or call Brian Kaller at 087-299-4552.