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October 26, 2007

Electoral Divisions to be Transferred to Kildare North


The Constituency Commission has just released its Report on Dail and European Parliament Constituencies 2007 and its has issued recommendations on the following changes in the area of the Kildare North and Kildare South constituencies.

The population of Kildare has increased by nearly 14% since 2002.
However, the county’s 2006 population is equivalent to 7.30 seats (7 at present). The Commission suggests, as the appropriate approach on this occasion, that a population transfer between the 2 constituencies is the best means to address the variance in Kildare South.

The 2003/4 Commission recommended the addition of a seat to Kildare North, and the transfer of an area in the north-west of the county to that constituency from Kildare South. This was enacted by the Oireachtas.
The 2007 Commission recommends the transfer of a further electoral division in the north-west, and one in the north-east of Kildare South, from that constituency to Kildare North. The total population involved is 1,314.

The Electoral Divisions that are recommended to be transferred are Former Edenderry No.2 Rural District: Kilpatrick (Population 841) and Former Naas No.1 Rural District: Newtown (Population 473)

The Constituency Commission also states that if current population trends continue, the case for an increase in Dáil representation in Kildare may arise for consideration in the future.

Population figures are from 2006.

The following table sets out the relevant statistics for the recommended constituencies:

No.of TDs 2006 Population Population per TD Variance %Variance from
National Average
Population per TD
Kildare North 4 106,500 26,625 1,084 +4.24
Kildare South 3 79,835 26,612 1,071 +4.19


For more information visit the Constituency Commission website -