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April 18, 2008

Dublin Transport Authority Bill to Benefit Kildare


Kildare North Fianna Fail T.D. Áine Brady has welcomed the publication of the Dublin Transport Authority Bill by the Minister for Transport Noel Dempsey that will facilitate the establishment of a new Transport Authority with overall responsibility for coordinating transport in the Greater Dublin Area of which Kildare is a part.

“The Minister has informed me that this new Transport Authority will have responsibility to delivering reliable, integrated and cost effective transport in the Greater Dublin Area which will be of great benefit to Kildare commuters.”

“The Authority will have the power to ensure that major infrastructure projects will be delivered in a cost effective way with the minimum disruption to the public.”

“The work to integrate public transport will also prove to be of huge benefit to Kildare commuters. Integrated ticketing will make using different forms of public transport easier and more convenient, encouraging more commuters out of their cars. This will not only ease traffic congestion, it is also good for the environment.”

“The main benefit of the Dublin Transport Authority will be the over-reaching strategic function that will ensure that integration of services, a traffic management plan that will take account for planned road or other infrastructural works and their impact and the regulation of public transport fares.”

“The fact that the Authority will manage all of these issues for not only Dublin, but Kildare, Meath and Wicklow is a realistic approach that recognises the fact that many people now commute into Dublin from surrounding areas and traffic congestion or public transport issues in Kildare can have an impact in Dublin also,” concluded Deputy Brady.