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February 28, 2008

Community Cashback - Fundraising Made Easy

The Kildare Voice Community Cashback Scheme

Aim: A Kildare Voice community partnership fundraising initiative to assist chosen causes in Co Kildare to reach their goal.

Fundraising has now become a professional business. Community networking, partnering with local firms and negotiation for financial donations is beyond most groups. Community Cashback is fundraising “made easy”.

The main aim of the promotion is to drive and focus the people of Co. Kildare, along with business and community leaders to achieve the goals of these causes. We envisage creating an atmosphere of “giving back” to the community and will assist all the causes in their fundraising efforts.


Step 1: Choose local causes.
The Kildare Voice will invite local causes / projects to become our chosen fundraising partners. The brand awareness officers with the local editors will investigate what big local / county organisations have specific projects that they want to complete in 2008 / early 2009. We have set a deadline of next Thursday (Feb 28th) to generate a list of 10 – 12 main projects we know are ongoing in each county.....Brand Awareness officers will need to talk to editors and some local groups on their databases to access what fundraising activities are currently ongoing. Some examples may be : A local church under renovation; a local school development project; a sporting club building a new clubhouse or buying equipment; a local medical group buying a breast screening machine.....etc

For the above chosen projects, we will:
(1) Help promote and brand your fundraising events
(2) Give 50 cent value per Kildare Voice token collected by your project.
(3) Provide fundraising tips and aids, e.g. posters / collection boxes / stickers....etc for your events
(4) Provide discounted advertising for your project in The Kildare Voice newspaper.
(5) The Kildare Voice will establish discounts with local business partners.
(6) Feature editorial for your project in The Kildare Voice.
(7) Assist in launch night and presentation night.

Step 2: Get commitment from local Business / Community Partners.

Business / community leader partners will be chosen from each local county, the business partners should be local business leaders and highly respected within the community. To help to get each county behind the fundraising, we also need to recruit community leaders, these are the type of people that everybody knows and respects....they will be goodwill ambassadors for the causes and will be an independent voice and endorsement of the causes.

We have set a deadline of next Thursday (Feb 28th) also to generate a list of 10-20 people who fit the above profile. Again the brand awareness people will need to speak to the local editor who may speak to local politicians to generate the above list of community leaders... Brand awareness people need to speak to each Sales Manager to help with this list. It does not have to be a current client with us, this may be an opportunity to get businesses that don’t normally deal with us involved.......

The community leaders we can target may be the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce,.. .....someone high up in the County Council, and definitely a very well known local priest.

They will be expected to:
(A) Meet monthly as part of a local committee.
(B) Donate to the causes, in time and professional experience.
(C) Assist in PR / Marketing to stir up the local community to get involved in pushing towards completion of the fundraising projects.

What’s in it for the Business partner?
(A) Huge PR and goodwill within the community.
(B) Agreed discounted advertising with The Kildare Voice.
(C) They will be appointed as a partner supplier for projects.... of their product lines.
(D) Branding of their business on all promotional aids..posters / flyers etc.
(E) Personalised testimonials.
(F) Countywide leaflet drops including your business to highlight the fundraising drive.

About the Voice Newspaper Group
The Voice Newspapers were founded in 2005 to build a nationwide group of local newspapers and produce them to a standard of journalism, reporting, production and design never seen before in local media. With all 8 titles making serious inroads in their respective local markets and readership figures on the increase the time is right to launch our first full-scale countywide promotion across all 8 titles.