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October 28, 2008

Christmas bonus confirmed for social welfare recipients - Brady

Local Fianna Fail TD Áine Brady has confirmed that the Christmas bonus will be paid to social welfare recipients this year.

“I was very disappointed to hear speculation that welfare recipients might not get the 100% Christmas bonus that they have received for the past nine years. This type of scaremongering was completely unfair to already vulnerable people.”

“I am delighted therefore that the Minister for Social Affairs, Mary Hanafin has confirmed that the Christmas bonus will be paid to a range of people including widows, widowers, pensioners, one parent families and the long term unemployed.”

“The Government ensured that this Christmas bonus payment would be protected as so many people rely on that extra money at Christmas and use it to plan their finances over that period.”

“Christmas is a time of financial pressure for families, especially those who rely on social welfare payments and this Government is keen to provide practical support where it can.”

“Anyone who is experiencing any financial difficulties should contact MABS for advice and assistance. Help is out there so everyone should avail of it,” concluded Deputy Brady