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November 27, 2007

Celbridge Lights Up


Children's Christmas Party

Christmas in Celbridge This party begins at 3.00pm and will be followed by the turning on of the lights at 4-30pm.  Santa Claus will be there for all the little ones in our Community. 

This Christmas Party was first organised by Senator Kate Walsh and has been supported through sponsorship from local businesses.  All of the children in our community are welcome to attend this event.  Music and party food will be available for all the children who attend.  As this is not a school day a large turnout is expected.  Motorists are asked to be especially careful driving through the town on that day as there will be a large number of children about.

Christmas Lights

For the 11th year, the Christmas Lights will light up the Main Street in Celbridge.  The lights, which were the brain-child of the late Senator Kate Walsh, provide a centre-piece to Celbridge town over the Christmas period.  Every year a small team of volunteers work through the night over a number of weekends to get the lights up and ready to switch on.  Doing it that way, ensures that it does not cause any disruption to the people of Celbridge as they go about their business during the day.

Each year, the feature lights need to be checked and repaired, and all the light bulbs need to be replaced.  Even though most of the fittings can be reused, some do get broken and need to be replaced.  With the many building changes which have happened on the Main Street in the past year, many of the support wires which were used in previous years will need to be replaced.   Senator Kate Walsh organised golf-classics in previous years to provide funding for the lights.  Whilst there is funding available to cover most of the expected costs for this year, a new source of funding will need to be rearranged for 2008.  Donations to go towards this year’s lights will be welcome by the organising committee, contact Marie Byrne (087) 7966080 or Anthony Gavin (087) 2351445.

The continuous voluntary support of the small but committed group who put up the lights is crucial.  Most of the other towns around pay large sums of money to have lights erected by commercial organisations.   The lights will be switched on, at 4-30pm on Saturday the 8th of December.