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July 04, 2008

30th Kildare Derby Festival a huge success

The 30th Kildare Derby Festival was a huge success bringing thousands of people into the town this weekend. Festival organisers were delighted to meet  people from the UK,  USA,  Australia,  Isle of Man,  Germany,  France,  Northern Ireland,  Slovinia and Spain. The festival was also enjoyed by non-national's living in Ireland and people throughout different parts of Ireland who stayed in Kildare for the duration of the festival.

On Saturday night the square in Kildare Town was packed to capacity. The Fureys were the main act and were well recieved by the audience. The rain stated in earnest after the Furys left the square.  

Sunday night saw the Camebert Quarter playing in the square. Clane's Sharon Condon made a quest appearance and delighted the crowd.


From left to right: Denise Healy Kildare Rose going to Rose of Tralee this year, Sally Purcell from the Kildare DerbyFestival Committee, and Laura Leigh Kildare Derby Festival Queen