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November 24, 2008

10% Cut In Government Funding to Kildare Co. Council


Deputy Emmet Stagg has condemned the Minister for Environment`s decision to cut funding to Kildare Co. Council by an effective 10% for 2009 and has stated that the reduced funding will see Council Services cut back in many areas.

In 2008 Kildare Co. Council received €28,176,862 from the Department of Environment under the Local Government Fund and for 2009 the Council will receive €26,610,812, a drop of €1,566,050 (5.5%) or 10% taking Inflation into Account.

The effect of the Cuts stated Deputy Stagg will see a scaling back on vital Council Services in the areas of emergency services, housing assistance, planning control and community facilities. The full effect of the cut backs will only be felt when the Co. Manager produces his Annual Budget for 2009 in a number of weeks time.

Deputy Stagg indicated that the Co. Manager must not attempt to recoup the lost finance by reducing services for those most in need and warned that any further attempt to curtail or reduce the benefits of the Council`s Refuse Waiver Scheme would be met with absolute resistance from Labour Councillors on Kildare Co. Council.

In conclusion Deputy Stagg stated that Minister Gormley had failed to defend the provision of Council Services to the Public when he was setting out his Departments Spending Plans for 2009 and he should be ashamed of himself given his promise on coming to Office of reforming Local Government and the provision of adequate funding to enable Council`s to provide the services that the Public demand and need.