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August 02, 2011

Reform of JLC System Welcomed by North Kildare Chamber

Removal of Sunday Pay Premiums Will Assist Many Struggling Retailers

North Kildare Chamber has today (28/07/11) welcomed the reforms to the Joint Labour Committee (JLC) and Registered Employment Agreement (REA) wage setting mechanisms announced by Minister Bruton and called for rapid implementation of the necessary legislation.

Allan Shine, Chief Executive said, “North Kildare Chamber has long-called for an overhaul of this outdated system. The new measures will result in a fairer and more competitive system which crucially will have the flexibility to respond to changing economic circumstances and ultimately increase job creation opportunities. The news that the number of JLC’s have reduced from 13 to 6 is welcomed.  JLCs will have the power to set only a basic adult rate and two higher increments to reflect longer periods of service. JLCs previously set over 300 different wage rates.  This is welcomed news for our members and we look forward to the forthcoming legislation to be implemented.”

“The decision that those remaining JLCs can no longer set Sunday premium rates will be particularly welcomed by many struggling retailers. Today’s Retail Sales Index published by the CSO showed that, excluding motor trades, the volume of retail sales decreased by 4.2% in June 2011 when compared with June 2010, with a monthly decrease of 0.1% compared to May 2011. This is a sector that faces continued significant challenges and any measures that can help retailers to survive and in turn retain and create jobs is to be welcomed,” Shine stated. 

North Kildare Chamber are also calling for the immediate introduction of a Retail Strategy Group with key figures in the Retail sector joining this group.  There are currently 250,000 people working in the retail sector.  Continued decreases every month in the Retail Sales Index is now a matter of urgency for the Government.  We need urgent action by the government.  The cost base for retailers needs urgent solving.