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July 26, 2011

Recent Government Initiatives Welcomed by Businesses

More Than 72% of Businesses Expect VAT Reduction to Have Positive Impact

North Kildare Chamber (26/07/11) reported that the majority of business have a positive outlook on recent Government initiatives such as the reduction in VAT for the tourism sector and JobBridge, the National Internship Scheme.

Allan Shine, CEO of North Kildare Chamber said “ Our members and members of Chambers nationwide acknowledge that the recent VAT reduction on services will create and secure employment and restore stability to the struggling tourism sector. Businesses have also endorsed the National Internship Scheme with our members agreeing that it will help to create future employment opportunities.” A recent Chamber Nationwide survey showed that 72% of Chamber members expect the VAT reduction to have a positive impact on business and 54% believe that the restoration of the minimum wage is of concern to business any constrain job opportunities.

“The restoration of the National Minimum Wage (NMW) to €8.65 is a cause for concern for some businesses with several members feeling that it will constrain employment opportunities. Such concerns could be avoided if the necessary tough measures that must be taken in order to enhance Ireland’s attractiveness and in turn improve competitiveness are followed through rather than being reversed. Business and consumer confidence is very easily unsettled when people do not have certainty.” Said Shine.

“Job creation and retention are crucial to the restoration of Ireland’s economy. We will continue to work with the Government and our local TD’S to help achieve this.”, Shine concluded.