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February 02, 2012

Punchestown 2011 Worth 60 Million to Local Economy

Punchestown report A report produced by NUI Maynooth has highlighted the significant impact the Punchestown Festival has on the economic life of the county. The report concludes that "the 95,000 race goers who attended last year’s event contributed €59.8 million to the local economy over the course of the five day festival – including €6.6 million travelling to the course and a further €21.4 million on admission, betting, food and drink within the course itself. Other expenditure in the local economy included clothing, accommodation, food, drink and entertainment.

Close to 80% of racegoers declared that their visit to Kildare was solely in order to attend the Festival. Just over 20% of the attendance hailed from outside of Ireland. International visitors came from a wide range of countries, although most came from the UK.

Dick O’Sullivan, Punchestown General Manager says "While there are many thought provoking findings in the report, there are three findings which I find most satisfying. Firstly, that Punchestown continues to attract so many international visitors, the fact that nearly 20% of our attendees are overseas visitors illustrates the continuing international appeal of the event. Secondly, it is wonderful to see so many young people coming racing and the fact that 30% of attendees are first time race goers is very heartening news. Finally, a commendable feature of Punchestown over the years has been the cross section of people who attend and this report proves that the Punchestown Festival has universal appeal."

The report is available at