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March 06, 2008

O Fearghail welcomes Oireachtas Agriculture Committee bid meet Mandelson on WTO


Fianna Fail T.D. for Kildare South, Sean Ó Feargháil, has commended the efforts of the Oireachtas Agriculture Committee to meet the EU Commissioner for External Trade, Peter Mandelson, to discuss the on-going World Trade Agreement negotiations.

“The World Trade Organisation’s negotiations will have a significant impact on the future of Irish farming.”

“It is our priority to protect the interests of Irish farmers and our Minister for Agriculture, Mary Coughlan, T.D. and her officials are currently putting the case for Irish farmers at the WTO negotiations.”

“In the meantime, the Oireachtas Agriculture Committee has asked the EU Commissioner for External Trade, Peter Mandelson, to appear before them to discuss issues of concern.”

“Irish farmers are right to be concerned about the WTO as it will result in new challenges for the Irish industry particularly for the meat sector.”

“There are serious concerns that Irish and EU agriculture will be sacrificed for the sake of a final WTO agreement.”

“The French Government is among 14 others that are working with the Irish Government to safeguard the interests of European farmers.”

“The EU needs to pursue the interests of farmers more aggressively within the negotiations.”

“The Common Agricultural Policy has played a vital role in the development of Irish farming and our food industry here.”

“It would be a massive setback if the WTO agreement undermined the CAP in any way.”

“It is expected that there will be an intensified effort to find agreement over the next two months and this is why the Agriculture Committee wants to meet with Commissioner Mandelson so urgently,” concluded Deputy Ó Feargháil.