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June 10, 2010

Launch of The Interview Success Guide

The Interview Success Guide is a package which includes a 36 page workbook in conjunction with a Personalised Profile that allows you to identify and understand more about You!

Why do I need to learn more about me?

So that you can…….

  •  Understand your Strengths and the jobs you are best suited to
  •  Know your Weaknesses and develop ways of strengthening them
  •  Be aware of your Communication Style and how to achieve rapport with your interviewer

What are the benefits of using this Guide?

  •  Show your employer the very best version of you
  •  Showcase your Strengths and give great examples
  •  Lose your fear of interviewing for once and for all!
  •  Learn to adapt your interview style to different scenarios
  •  Communicate your experience in a clear and concise manner
  •  “Get the Fit” - Identify both yours and your employers personality styles

For less than the price of a night out, you will gain the confidence and know how to communicate effectively and maximise your chances of success at interview.

This is the best €49.95 that you will ever spend on your career development!
Please visit our website to access this fantastic guide.