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March 20, 2009

Kildare Business to Benefit from EU Recovery Plan

Kildare businesses will benefit from a new EU wide recovery plan agreed by European leaders including the Taoiseach, Brian Cowen and Foreign Affairs Minister Micheál Martin, according to local Fianna Fáil TD and Government Convenor of the Oireachtas Enterprise Committee, Michael Fitzpatrick.

"Ireland has emerged as a major winner in a EUR5 billion recovery plan. The new plan will deliver cheaper, cleaner power to Kildare, improve broadband access and protect jobs."

 "The EU will provide EUR110 million for an electricity inter-connector between Ireland and Wales, this will open up the energy market for businesses in Kildare and across the country. This will open up the market by reducing the need for gas imports to fuel our power stations"

 "Ireland will also get funding to improve broadband in communities across Kildare. Securing high speed internet access will ensure that businesses in our communities will be able to compete with any other location in the EU for new industry."

 "This package is a clear example of the direct benefit Kildare and Ireland receives by being at the heart of Europe. My colleagues the Taoiseach and Minister Martin are working to ensure we continue to have a central role in Europe so as we can continue benefiting from investments and supports such as this. By working together the EU will be ensure the best outcome for our peoples during this time of economic uncertainty.

 "Over the coming weeks both men will be working to help secure the strongest possible guarantees to address the concerns of voters in Kildare about the Lisbon Treaty. Minister Martin assures me that the Government's priority is to get robust guarantees to address issues such as neutrality, taxes and workers rights."

 "The Government remains on track to secure those guarantees by the middle of the year."

 "I will be remaining in close contact with both the Taoiseach and the Foreign Affairs Minister during this period to ensure that concerns of people in Kildare are addressed before we vote in a new referendum," concluded Deputy Fitzpatrick.