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May 05, 2009

How Flexible is Your Workforce?

It is no secret that companies large and small are taking drastic cost cutting measures in order to survive these turbulent times. It’s extremely difficult to predict the workflow for your company for the next 12 months and plenty of companies are working month to month. Budgeting is the priority for many organisations and this has resulted in redundancies and reduction of staffing levels to a minimum.

So what happens when your workload increases suddenly and your staff are already multi-tasking and working to their maximum? How can you sustain productivity and manage your workforce through the peaks and valleys in your business? How can you ensure the quality of service and your customer service levels don’t suffer and ultimately that you don’t lose hard won business?

It’s now that hiring Temps will help.  Temporary staffing offers flexibility. It is the perfect ‘pay as you go solution’ to immediate labour needs without the heavy price tag or commitment to a long term contract or permanent employee. Companies lacking the right skill sets for a certain project can avail of highly skilled and equipped professionals to help and the quality of available temporary staff today is extremely high. Temps are also hired if the workforce is insufficient to handle a sudden growth in business or if seasonal fluctuations dramatically increase the daily workload. Having temporary cover for your staff when they are on leave or attending off site events allows the individual staff member to engage in their off site project with the knowledge that their “day job” is being handled in their absence and they are not facing a major backlog of work on their return..

There are significant advantages to hiring staff on a temporary basis including :
You only pay for labour when you need it. Its immediate. It helps you sustain your productivity. You can experience a potential long term employee before you make a long term commitment. It’s hassle free. It’s all inclusive. It gets you through uncertain times when you need experience, enthusiasm and skills but can’t make a long term investment. Its helps you bridge the gap for holiday cover, maternity leave, sick leave, peaks in business, deadlines, unexpected absence, new business or a new project. Temporary staff can also inject a new lease of life and energy to an organisation and its team.

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