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August 23, 2011

Highest Ever Trade Surplus Recorded in June

North Kildare Chamber has today (23/08/11) said that the seasonally adjusted trade surplus, an increase of 8% to €4,079m and the highest surplus ever, is excellent for Ireland and especially Kildare Businesses. 

Allan Shine, Chief Executive said, “The fact that we have just recorded the highest seasonally adjusted trade surplus ever highlights once again the almost unique potential for Ireland, as opposed to many other Euro zone countries, to export our way towards economic recovery.  This clearly shows that Ireland has a very healthy export driven model.” 

“Another source of confidence is that some of the biggest areas for growth in the first five months of 2011 compared with 2010 were in medical and pharmaceutical products which increased by 14%, organic chemicals by 7% and dairy products which increased by 47%. These broad-based sectors which are driven by both domestically-based and foreign direct investor companies will continue to be in demand regardless of how the global economy is performing.” 

“Exports are playing an essential role in Ireland’s recovery. The Chamber has seen a surge in its issuing of Certificates of Origin for companies in Kildare exporting.
The fact that we are the only Chamber in Kildare that is both full time and has an online service for issuing Certificates of Origin is a huge advantage for companies in Kildare and bordering counties” said Shine