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July 17, 2009

Have You Got Your Summer Covered?

 As we hit the peak of the Summer we may look outside and wonder where the sun has gone, but there is light at the end of the tunnel as we look forward to that well deserved break in the Sun that we have longed for since last year.

But we do have to ask ourselves, who will look after my work while I am away?  Will I return to a desk full of invoices, receipts, a mountain of paperwork and an inbox of emails that is full to capacity? Or will I come back to an efficiently run office and be able to ease back into my workload without spending days trying to catch up?

It is at times like this that hiring a Temp is of huge benefit. You can relax on holidays knowing that your desk and workload is being looked after, your clients will be responded to and you wont lose out on that hard earned business you have built up over the years.

Hiring a Temp is the perfect ‘pay as you go solution’ to immediate Summer Cover without the heavy price tag. Its good to know that your business will not suffer while you are away. With the climate in its current state more and more highly skilled and experienced people are turning to Temp work.

Individuals with experience in Administration and Secretarial duties, Reception, Accounts and Credit Control, Telesales and Market Research; you will blessed with hiring a Temp that can bring an array of skills, experience and new ideas to your business.

Why should I hire a Temp?

Well the benefits are endless:

  • you only pay for labour when you need it.
  • Its immediate.
  • It helps you sustain your productivity.
  • You can experience a potential long term employee before you make a long term commitment.
  • It’s hassle free.
  • It’s all inclusive.

It gets you through uncertain times when you need experience, enthusiasm and skills but can’t make a long term investment. Its helps you bridge the gap for not only holiday cover, but also for maternity leave, sick leave, peaks in business, deadlines, unexpected absence, new business or a new project.

Temporary staff can also inject a new lease of life and energy to an organisation and its team. So next time you're planning that well deserved Summer trip, make sure you're covered - hire a Temp.

For more information contact Stephen Farrell at Clark Office on 045 881888 or email