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August 11, 2011

Government Commitment to Reduce Red Tape Welcomed

North Kildare Chamber has today (11/08/11) welcomed the Government’s decision to achieve €500million in annual red tape savings by the end of 2012.

Allan Shine said, “Red tape is one of the biggest challenges facing Irish business. The Government’s commitment to begin a process which will ensure a reduction of 25% in the red tape imposed on business by the end of next year is particularly welcome as it is estimated that it will result in savings of €500million to Irish business.  Our members are facing increased costs on a weekly basis.  The constant theme among our members is the increasing costs of doing business in this country, in particular the costs of rates, rents, energy, transport, labour and local charges,"

“Employers continue to do all they can to retain and create jobs. Any moves to reduce compliance costs and time for employers are welcomed. Government should use this decision as a template to revisit all other transpositions of EU directives into Irish law to ensure that Irish businesses are not burdened by unnecessary legislation,” Shine concluded.