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December 09, 2011

Developing a Strategic Plan for Business in Kildare

The North Kildare Chamber is engaging in a Strategic Planning Process to develop a strategic plan to deliver on a vision to make Kildare the best location to do business in Ireland.

The ultimate objective of this plan is to align all of the enterprise resources in the County to work together to achieve this goal.

The strategy is being developed by facilitating a consultative process with all of the key stakeholders to ensure that it is representative of the hopes and aspirations of all of the business community. The Chamber facilitated two workshops on November 16th to capture these hopes and ideas of the Kildare Businesses.

Sixty five businesses from all sectors in Kildare participated in these workshops to produce a Strategic Plan for Business in Kildare. 77% of these participants are now involved in six different workgroups. These workgroups are building on the workshop output that will help create a Plan for Business in Kildare for the next 3 years. The six workgroups are:

1.       Marketing and Promotion

2.       Business & IT

3.       Lifestyle & Culture

4.       Optimising existing and emerging Distinctive Capabilities in Kildare

5.       Education & Research

6.       Services to Business

Allan Shine, Chamber CEO said, “The workgroups that are currently in progress are gathering a wealth of information and aspirations of businesses in Kildare, the Chamber are delighted to see key stakeholders in Kildare such as Pfizer, HP, Bord na Mona and Kildare Village interacting with small indigenous businesses in helping create a plan for business in Kildare.  We are now nearing the end of these workgroup meetings but would like to hear the views of all businesses in Kildare and any business who wishes to become involved in this new exciting initiative should make contact with North Kildare Chamber”.
Allan Shine also stated “The plan will be launched in late February and we will enlist all businesses involved in this process to help insure that the plan will be successfully implemented so that Kildare is at the forefront of business decisions in Ireland.”

 Gerry O’Hagan from Bord na Mona who is involved in this strategic plan said “ Now is the time for businesses in Kildare to come together, this plan is crucial for a more inclusive Kildare.  I look forward to the launch and implementation of the plan.  I am delighted to see so many businesses in all sectors coming together to work on this plan”.
We would like to hear from any business in Kildare who would like to contribute to any of the six workstreams to please contact the Chamber at or on 045 894074 by December 21st.