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May 28, 2013

Chamber calls for a National Retail Strategy Group

Disastrous CSO figures show a retail sector that needs urgent intervention
Eilis QuinlanNorth Kildare Chamber this afternoon called for a better deal for the retail sector in Kildare from our Government, and urged our local TD’s to listen and act, for a sector that is crying out for help and assistance.  The figures released today by the CSO confirm that retail sales continue in a distressed state, while shops close and jobs are lost. The Chamber called for the immediate setting up of a Retail Strategy Group to formulate a coherent survival/revival plan for the sector.  President of the Chamber Eilis Quinlan only last week referred to this Strategy Group on national TV during Prime Time.
According to Eilis Quinlan “The continued burden of rates and water charges coupled with associated cost and crippling red tape in setting up business in the retail sector, is contributing to the continued negative figures released by the CSO. In addition, the retail sector is destroyed by the effects of black market trading on the one hand, and highly competitive trading practices from multiples on the other, forcing many smaller stores to close”.  “However, the Chamber does acknowledge that even in these tough times, we are continually encouraged by entrepreneurs who continue to open shops and businesses in Kildare”
“Our retail members are investing in their shops by way of new fit-outs, equipment and staff training ahead of any increase in consumer spending. But we now call on the Government to play its part in stimulating the economy to encourage spend in this sector”
“Our call for the setting up of a Retail Strategy group has fallen on deaf ears so the Chamber has now decided to set up a retail group for North Kildare which will make recommendations to Government through the Chamber’s direct link with some local TD’s.  Members are already asking the Chamber to tackle and lobby for Government action on commercial rates and bank credit availability for its members.
Quinlan concluded by saying “It is unbelievable that the Government can sit idly by, watching while one of the largest sectors in the economy slowly disintegrate, with 44,000, mainly small businesses, in danger of closure and a further 240,000 jobs in jeopardy.