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December 11, 2009

Budget Meeting and Unemployment Issues: Dec 17

The impact of the budget on people who are currently out of work will be discussed at a Newbridge meeting on Thursday, December 17 at 11.30am.

The morning meeting in Newbridge Parish Centre, Station Road, is open to all and representatives from the Citizen Information Centre (CIC) will be present to answer questions.

The meeting is an initiative arising from the Newbridge Forum, which has already held three meetings over recent months. The meeting is open to all who are unemployed, working short time or who fear their job may be at risk.

Free tea and coffee will be provided at the meeting and questions can be raised arising from changes to entitlements brought in through the budget. Other topics relating to the
reality of unemployment will also be discussed. The budget will have a serious effect on everyone’s lives, particularly those who are out of work.

This meeting in Newbridge Parish Centre will provide an opportunity to discuss issues relating to unemployment and for people to, if they wish, share their experiences and knowledge.

Questions that arise from the December budget can be raised at the informal meeting and the CIC representatives will provide an update on entitlement changes.

The first Newbridge Forum meeting in September identified the need to provide a network for people who are out of work. The December 17 meeting on budget issues is a first step
towards this. The Newbridge Forum is organised by Newbridge Community Development, a voluntary organisation in the town.

It can be contacted by email at and details are online at