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September 05, 2008

Additional support available for those seeking work – Brady

Targeted supports are to be made available for those in receipt of Social Welfare to assist in seeking work, according to local Fianna Fail T.D. Aine Brady.

“The work environment is changing and many people are facing new challenges. The Government is to appoint additional facilitators to help those seek work to identify any training needs they might have that could positively impact on their job search.”

“Increasing training and qualifications helps to increase the employment options for those seeking work.”

“It is our goal to ensure that no member of the workforce become unemployed long-term due to a lack of qualifications or skills.”

“Facilitators are in place in Social Welfare Offices to work with FAS and other agencies to help people access training, education and development. The Facilitator will work closely with the unemployed person to ensure that every opportunity is being made available for them to maximise their employment options.”

“There are literally thousands of courses and training options available for consideration.”

“Losing a job can be a traumatic time, not only for the person who finds themselves unemployed, but also for their families. It is our goal to provide every practical support we can to ensure that the loss of a job proves to be a temporary setback. These 50 additional facilitators will increase the amount of support being provided to unemployed people,” concluded Deputy Brady.