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September 09, 2011

Action Needed Now to Address High Business Costs

North Kildare Chamber today call for immediate action to take place in regard to businesses continued high cost base.

Allan Shine, CEO of North Kildare Chamber said “whilst the inflation figures today show a decrease from 2.7% in July to 2.2% in August, businesses continue to be hit with increased costs. Continued increases in Gas, Electricity and Transport costs is having an impact with our members. An urgent review of the business cost base is now required.  Our members need to plan for the forthcoming years and we continue our call for a 3 year Government Plan .

Reform is urgently needed to enable flexibility and in turn support the business case for employment.  A 3 year plan will insure clarity and increase consumer confidence.  The Chamber constantly urge our members to forecast and plan their business going forward, now we urge our Government to produce a plan which details a roadmap for business over the next 3 years”, Shine concluded.  North Kildare Chamber continues to grow and support business in Kildare, we now need our Government to support business