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April 08, 2011

Newbridge, it’s a Quare Land

On Sunday 17th April, the Celtic Tiger madness will be brought hilariously to life by a man in a bath!

Quare Land Starring Des Keogh and Frank O'Sullivan, The Quare Land is set in a house in Cavan where Hugh Pugh is about to take his first bath in four years.

His bathing is disturbed by Rob McNulty, a developer on the verge of NAMA wanting to buy a field. Hugh conducts negotiations from his bathtub and is reluctant to sell while McNulty pulls out all the stops to complete the sale, but it is unlikely that either will be happy with the eventual outcome. The quick fire banter between the two characters escalates into an epic finale as both try to reason each other into submission.

A parable of the Celtic Tiger, The Quare Land examines motivation, greed and money in a humourous, caustic and incisive way. Hidden in the constant argument is a discourse on a society obsessed with development but blind to the implications of progress on ordinary people's lives.

This play reveals some home truths about ambition carried along on the momentum of Mc Manus' wit and humour, which is guaranteed to generate, roars of laughter. See The Quare Land at Riverbank Arts Centre on Sunday 17th April, 8pm. Call Riverbank Box office on 045 448327 or visit

'This play is likely to be hugely popular wherever it travels to' - Irish Theatre Magazine

 'Keogh in particular shone in the piece with a performance that mined much laughter from the audience'.- The Galway Advertiser

 'The Quare Land will readily remind viewers of John B. Keane. And with its rhythmic use of dialogue, its crudity, its joy in pushing against taboos, and the darkness of its conclusion, it will also call to mind the Irish plays of Martin Mc Donagh'-  Irish Theatre Magazine