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February 26, 2009

Maynooth Film for All: Film Club screens KINGS


Actor Donal O'Kelly and and playwright Jimmy Murphy will attend  Maynooth Film for All's screening of Tom Collins’s Irish language film KINGS in JHL2, NUI Maynooth on Wednesday 4th March at 7.45pm.

WE ARE DELIGHTED that actor Donal O’Kelly who plays lead character Jap Kavanagh and playwright Jimmy Murphy will both be joining us to take part in our usual post screening discussion…….

Jimmy’s play The Kings of the Kilburn High Road was adapted as the film KINGS, and chosen as Ireland's entry for the Best Foreign Film Oscar in 2008.

Some films entertain, some thrill, some set out to shock …. others ….. well others just make you think…. contemplate what might have been.

KINGS is the story of a group of friends who immigrated to England in the late 1970s promising to return to Ireland rich and successful. Now 25 years on, only one of them is going home, Jackie - his body was found on the railway, crushed by a passing train.

It is then his friends are forced to confront the possibility it was no accident, but suicide, that they must face up to the bitter chill of truth.

KINGS is a story of a lost generation, rich in humanity and emotion, and with a heartbreaking resonance (not just for the Irish) in today's changing world.

Club membership for the remaining season of three films costs a recession-beating €15.00. Students pay €2.00 at the door with valid student card and admission for non members is €8 on the night.

Joining and full membership details for Maynooth Film for All: Film Club are available from:  Maynooth Community Library, Tel: 01 6285530 Email:

Kildare County Council Library & Arts Service in partnership with The Centre for Media Studies NUI Maynooth welcomes feedback and suggestions re film club programming and development contact Brenda Brady Tel: 045 448328 Email: