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June 29, 2009

Kildare Author reveals magical tour

In 2000, Kildare author Anita Hendy began writing a series of children’s Books, called
‘The Magic of an Irish…Cottage, Bog, Castle, Canal, and Church'.
 Anita’s thinking in writing these books was to bring a piece of Irish Heritage to Europe and the World. Anita has discovered that many people are now coming from near and far to Kildare to follow a trail of her magic books in Allen parish.

The trail begins in the picturesque village of Robertstown, which features in 'The Magic of an irish Canal'. From Robertstown, the trail, via canal walk, goes to Lowtown, to a lock and boat harbour. From there, a quiet canal walk leads to Ballyteague. At the football club, there is a picnic area on the opposite side to the canal bridge. Having being refreshed, then, crossover a lock, left, up a short road to a bridge, and see the House where Anita wrote her books.

From there, the trail goes back over the bridge, and turning left, goes on toward Ballyteague Castle of  ‘The Magic of an Irish Castle.’ This Castle is where author Anita spent her childhood, and, the four pictures she painted on its walls, are reproduced in her book. At this point, the tour travels onwards crossing back over the castle bridge turning right, into a main road, past a pretty thatched cottage on a bend of  ‘The Magic of an Irish Cottage.

Then,  visitors an travel on a scenic route for about two miles, through Ballyteague Bog.  and experience 'The Magic of an Irish Bog.’ for themselves.
At the end of this road is a T junction, turning left, and left again at the next T junction. Travelling on with Allen Hill on the left, to a staggered crossroads turn left towards Allen Church which features in ‘The Magic of an Irish Church.’
Turning right, coming out of the Church, the trail goes to Kilmeague village. Turning left at the end of the houses, up the hill and turn right  to return to Robertstown.
This interesting trail is approx 13 miles of a circle, and can be walked, cycled, travelled by boat, car, or bus. It can be enjoyed by Schools, Families, Couples and Groups.

Image by artist Sean Conlon