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December 09, 2011

Guinness Guitarist takes on Xmas Charts for Little Luke in Athy

Arlene, Luke and David Renehan Dave Browne, who smashed the Guinness World Record for the longest continuous guitar playing session earlier this year, is set to use his celebrity to help raise funds for little Luke Renehan, who suffers from a rare form of Cerebral Palsy.

Little Luke, who just turned 2 in November, struggles to hold a rattler, has poor neck and trunk control and therefore cannot sit unaided.

Luke can't stand without the aid of a standing frame.

Luke has difficulties swallowing. He can eat orally although there is a danger that some of the food may aspirate into his lungs and therefore Luke's main source of food is given through an NG tube.

‘Luke is a very happy little boy’ his mum Arlene said ‘his favourite program is “Charlie and the numbers", he is very clever and knows all his family members. His best friend is his little dog “Dixie"’.

Lately Luke’s parents Arlene and David have noticed that Luke is starting to get frustrated especially when he sees his cousins playing on the floor. He knows he wants to play but physically he can't interact with them.

‘We want to give Luke a better quality of life’ David said, ‘We spoke to his consultant, we discussed the options available for Luke and discovered that Luke's quality of life could be greatly improved with stem cell treatment. After researching stem cell for children with Cerebral Palsy, we discovered that the hospitals in China are more advanced than any other country in the world.  Luke's consultant agreed that this type of treatment would be Luke's best chance.’

As Luke has multiple problems it is thought that he will need 3 visits to China, each visit costing  approx. €25,000.

Guinness Record Breaker Dave Browne Dave Browne, fresh from his World Record Victory, along with Diva Clare Peelo, has recorded a version of The Pretenders Christmas Hit ‘2000 Miles’ in honour of Luke in Dublin’s famous Ashtown Recording Studios.

The single will be officially launched at a special gig at The Carlton Abbey Hotel Athy on Thursday 15th 8.00pm – Admission is €7.00

The CD will be available at the launch for €5.00 each, and all proceeds will go towards the Luke Renehan Trust Fund.

The song will be available for digital download the following week.

Please Support the Luke Renehan Trust Fund
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