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March 05, 2010

Film on Naas Cobbler to Screen at Riverbank Arts Centre

cobbler Bill Glennon On Monday March 15th, Riverbank Arts Centre will screen a short film about the locally renowned cobbler Bill Glennon. Made by filmmaker Daniel Balteanu as part of a final year college project, this will be the first time that the film will be screened in Kildare. The Cobbler is a brief but endearing and insightful piece about the life, work and traditional way of life of a longstanding member of the Naas community. Bill Glennon holds a place in many peoples’ hearts, and his dedication to the disappearing art of cobbling has rendered him as an integral part of the community landscape in Naas.
The Cobbler will be screened before the Monday night feature film Hunger. Written by Enda Walsh and directed by Steve McQueen, Hunger is the poignant story of Bobby Sands and the final days of his hunger strike at the Maze Prison in 1981.
Tickets are just €6 and include entry to both films at Riverbank Arts Centre, on Monday 15th March, 8pm. Contact Riverbank Box Office on 045 448327 for bookings.
The Cobbler Synopsis
The Cobbler is a short documentary about local cobbler, Bill Glennon, who is based in Naas, Co. Kildare.  It is a journey from past to present that focuses on his trade – a trade that’s not ‘necessary’ anymore, or is it? It also focuses on his story – the personal touch that he provides, his conversation with people, the repairing of shoes (instead of throwing them away and simply buying new ones). 

Bill Glennon has a warm personality and he is very chatty. He speaks about his job, and how skilful a cobbler needs to be.  He believes that there is a lot of passion in the work – and lots of patience involved. He told us how the shop, and trade, was passed from his grandfather to his father, and then on to him. He indicated that he was a bit sad because there will be no one to hand things on to, to take things over, after him. Bill felt very relaxed in front of the camera and he said that there would be no problem filming him as he worked.

To conclude, the documentary tries to capture, as briefly as possible, the story of his life, his work, the old ways versus the modern, the tradition of the true cobbler.