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January 14, 2011

Aspiring Actors - ACT ON IMPULSE!

Shooting a scene on the acting for camera workshop Aspiring actors in the North Kildare area who dream of acting on the big screen have a chance to gain invaluable practical experience on the annual Acting for Film and Television workshops being held at the Glenroyal Hotel on Tue, Wed and Thurs the 15th, 16th & 17th Feb 2010.

It's possible that you've seen great performances on film or television, and thought to yourself: "I could do that!" Perhaps you have some experience onstage, and want to make the transition to other media. Or maybe you've worked in other areas of film or television production, and want to try your hand in front of the camera. Well, this is an inspiring chance to find out if you have what it takes. The intensive workshops will teach participants the fundamental skills needed to create memorable performances for the camera. You’ll learn the processes an actor undergoes throughout the production cycle; getting the job, preparing for the job and doing the job. And you'll come away with a sound, first-hand understanding of the art, the craft and the business of acting for the camera.

You can be a total beginner or an experienced member of a local drama group, all you need is to be at least 17 years of age (indeed over 40’s especially welcome) and would love the chance to land a role in a film, TV drama or commercials. The course is being hosted by The Irish Film Actors Workshop and will run over the three evenings from 7 to 11pm. It takes place in relaxed and friendly atmosphere with a maximum of ten participants and will be led by Shane Munro, acting on-camera lecturer, film producer and actors agent. No previous acting experience is necessary, only the enthusiasm and willingness to listen, jump in and take part on-camera,

The workshops also provides a fantastic opportunity for participants to learn the essentials of screen acting such as; how best to audition for commercials,cold-read for feature films, hit your marks, work in close-up, medium shot and long shot, use-of props, shoot dramatic scenes, get an agent, use engaging 10 x 8 headshots, network with castings directors, compile a show reel, get called to auditions and land the part when you get there. The course is an excellent confidence builder which improves the communication and socials skills necessary for successful job interviews, work presentation etc.

People who have done this course previously have as a direct result got lead roles in numerous commercials, films and TV dramas including recently screened “Belonging to Laura”, “A Shine of Rainbows” (Best film at Chicago Film Festiva starring Aidan Quinn), and “Wild Decembers“, "Touched by an Angel" (CBS), BAFTA winning teen-drama series "Custers Last Stand Up"(BBC), "Hollyoaks", "Magdalene Sisters", Disneys' "Reign of Fire" with Matthew Mc Conaughey, Neil Jordans' "Breakfast On Pluto", "Batman Begins","Taggart", "Garage" with Pat Shortt, LA feature film "Strength and Honour" with Vinnie Jones, "Kings", "Pure Mule", "The Clinic" and "Raw" to name a few.

If you want one of the ten places on this exciting course or further info. call 074 9126994 or e-mail