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April 11, 2008

Another Success For Young Kildare Singer


Not only has Sean Dempsey just got his first single remixed by big chart toppers DJ Tiesto & DJ Shadow, he has just succeeded in two more outstanding achievements.

Sean, 16, entered the charts at number 13 last week on the New Music Billboard R&B. The next week the single rose to number 5. The surprising thing is that the single isn't even the one that was remixed by the top DJ's. Sean is delighted with this. "I am amazed, I love it!" he says.

Click here to see the chart

Sean has also just released his own clothing line, which is called "SMD". The clothing line is to represent his music. Jumpers,T-Shirts and shoes are all available to purchase on his own site right now.

"I've gotten 3 orders already" says Sean on his myspace two days after the release of his line! The clothes are fun and flashy and in-style. Even if you're not a fan of the music, the catchy style on the clothes is the latest craze.

The clothing line ia available at