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November 12, 2007

ANDY WARHOL EXHIBITION opens at Kildare Village

A very special exhibition of ANDY WARHOL print work opens this November, at Kildare Village, marking the 20th anniversary of the artist’s death.  ‘Warhol At Kildare Village’ (12 November 2007 to February 2008), offers a rare opportunity to view a collection of 35 screen prints produced by the late Andy Warhol. The exhibition features many iconic pop art prints as well as the rare portfolio of screen prints called ‘Flash’ - November 22, 1963 1968.

The fifth art exhibition staged at Kildare Village since its summer 2006 opening, this unique survey showcases screen prints produced of Warhol's most sought after works including portraits of Hollywood superstars Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, his take on the comic book hero Superman as well as his controversial political imagery including Red Lenin, a haunting study of the Russian revolutionary and communist politician Vladimir Lenin and “Flash – November 22, 1963.” This portfolio of 14 screen prints displays images Warhol recaptured from newspapers and the TV screen following the tragic Dallas, Texas assassination of former US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

PM Contemporary in association with The Tramyard Gallery, Dalkey, chose to host this exhibition at Kildare village to facilitate Warhol enthusiasts and art collectors from all corners of Ireland.  The exhibition is a visual feast for people who would normally have to travel to the US to see original Warhol work up close – Each piece in the exhibition is also for sale – prices available on request.

The exhibition opens on Monday November 12 2007 and will run to February 2008. Admission is free.

For more information about The Andy Warhol Exhibition visit or call LP number / CH number.  And further information on Kildare Village visit