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July 28, 2009

A Curragh of Kildare for the 21st Century!

Valentine Black (AKA local musician Peco Mc Loughlin) wrote ‘The Curragh Calling’ as a present for his brother Andriu Mac Lochlann, the Kildare footballer. He penned the song on a plane home from Spain after missing the All-Ireland Quarter Finals in 2008. Though heartbroken he was hopeful for the future and very proud of his little brother. After the Leinster final recently he dug the song out and decided to record it, playing all the instruments himself!

Though he references Andriu and his local club Ellistown in the song, the theme is more general than football. It’s about returning home to Kildare after travelling to different parts of the world, a theme he thinks a lot of people can connect with and hopes it might someday rival the old classic ‘The Curragh of Kildare’.

The title itself is a tip of the hat to ‘London Calling’ the famous song by The Clash.

Valentine Black plays with The Waterboys Sunday next, Aug 2nd at the Lughnasa festival, Rathangan.

To purchase ‘The Curragh Calling’

Straight to Mobile Text 3541m to 57501

To download
Text 3541 to 57501 and you’ll receive a password (cost 1euro)
Go to
Type in password and download the song!

What people have said about Valentine Black…

Jackie Hayden; Hot Press journalist, music industry expert and the man who discovered U2 once described Valentine Black in his ‘Peco’ incarnation as, ‘incomparable…a wizard and a true star’.

‘One doesn't like to compartmentalise does one? But this young man and his band's last performance made me think of late sixties west coast U.S. sounds injected with original new millenium grooves. Great Live Act!’


“…Bob Dylan with a new set of lungs…”

 ‘His work is admirably home produced with the man himself playing all the instruments yet still managing to sound like a proper band…he can dip in and out of various musical genres…rockabilly/early Beatles mode…moody atmospheric rock...tasty acoustic singer/songwriter terrain with a little of the vocal style of Harry Chapin… ’

Hot Press

‘Valentine Black (Peco Mc Loughlin) has stepped outside the boundaries of song-writing with his new project after branching off from Bright Light Fiasco, OK maybe there are too many folk singers, buskers and rock star wannabes out there but Valentine Black's demo EP has a real 70's feel with Joni Mitchell styled lyrics…I feel there is room for this style of music on today's scene...interesting stuff.            4 out of 6 Stars


‘Reminiscent of the Frames …Peco has a great voice – it’s that glamorous, heartrending folk sound born of years busking nowhere pubs. Think David Gray. Think the kind of voice Paddy Casey would trade his record deal for…this sounds fresh and vital…” College Examiner

Musicunsigned, the influential UK website compared the songs to, “David Gray or Counting Crows with its rootsy pop undertones… intelligent pop music lyrically drawing on the timeless songs of Van Morrison and Dylan…”


Valentine Black is the alter ego of Kildare musician Peco Mc Loughlin, who was once described by Hot Press’ Jackie Hayden as a ‘wizard and a true star’. Having fronted a number of bands, most recently indie-rockers Bright Light Fiasco who enjoyed success with the two top 40 singles, Peco decided to go solo in late 2008. He’s been writing and recording since and is currently putting the finishing touches to his debut album which is due for release in Autumn 09.

Songs on the album are about everything from life in modern Ireland to the old chestnuts of love, loss, life and even murder!  The music is influenced by artists like Ryan Adams, Nick Cave, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Johnny Cash, Springsteen and bands like James, Wilco, The Band, and The Clash to name a few. Like many artists, the list is pretty long and varied!

Valentine Black has already created quite a bit of interest making the heats of national competition, The JD Set, earlier in the year and with gigs all over the country. And although no singles have been released yet, his demos have received airplay on a number of Dublin and regional radio stations.

He’ll be playing with The Waterboys and Mundy at The Lughnasa festival in Rathangan on August the 2nd, though they aren’t the first major artist he’s shared a stage with. Over the years he has supported acts including Bell X-1, Damien Dempsey, The Blizzards, The Coronas, Dirty Epics, Aslan and Something Happens to name a few. With the release of his debut album in Autumn he hopes to take the next step up on the bill!