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July 02, 2008

3 Exhibitions on show at Kilcock Art Gallery


Kilcock Art gallery currently have three exhibitions running until August 31st:

  • Gallery 1 –  Sculptor Fiona Smith Darragh
  • Gallery 2 - Dominique Van den Broeck
  • Gallery 3 -   Group exhibition of paintings, sculpture and prints

The shows include 19 bronze sculptures of wild birds by Fiona, who since her childhood in Worcestershire has had a great love of wildlife. Her attention to detail has made her wildlife pieces sought after by collectors in Ireland and Scotland where she exhibits at the Lost Gallery.

Dominique says of her exhibition of paintings;

"painting remains my first  and true love… My exhibition at the Kilcock Art Gallery is a reminiscence of a countryside childhood, when animals were my only friends in that lonely life.  I pay tribute to them today.”

Samples of works from these exhibitions can be seen at the Kilcock Art Gallery website.