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Kildare Sports Partnership has been launched

Fostering Participation in Sports and Recreation.

The KSP initiative was developed by the Irish Sports Council to enable counties to co-ordinate and promote the development of sport at a local level.

In June 2001 the Irish Sports Council selected Kildare as one of only eight pilot Sports Partnerships in Ireland , soon to be 19, which has a vision of a county where all residents have the opportunity and are encouraged to participate in some form of sport regardless of age, ability, gender, social or economic circumstances.

Anticipated Outcomes of Kildare Sports Partnership:

  • Increased opportunities for children to participate in sport and physical recreation

  • Higher levels of participation in physical recreation by low participation groups

  • Enhanced sport and club development and service

  • Priorities for local facilities provision and upgrading and better use and management of facilities

  • Easier access to info regarding the provision of sport and recreation

  • Improved collaboration between the key agencies and better use of resources