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Project Manager wanted for County Kildare Strategic Arts Management Ltd. Closing date for applications 20th Jan 2006

County Kildare Strategic Arts Management Ltd. (SAM) is a partnership of artists, community arts representatives and Kildare County Council. Key projects for SAM are the ongoing development of Riverbank, the county arts centre, located in Newbridge and the development of outreach programmes for the arts throughout the County.

SAM’s mission is to broaden access and develop new audiences for the contemporary arts through an inclusive service relevant to the needs of the local community whilst remaining sensitive to contemporary art practice.

As our current Project Manager moves on to new pastures, SAM invites applications for the position of

Arts Council LogoProject Manager

The Project Manager will initiate, develop and manage an arts programme for SAM.

Salary scale: € 40,000 minimum

Candidates for these positions should demonstrate

  • Project management experience in the arts.
  • A relevant professional qualification

Closing date for applications is 5pm, Friday 20th January 2006

Forward letter of application and cv to:

The Company Secretary, c/o Riverbank Arts Centre, Newbridge, Co. Kildare.

Email: Tel: 00 353 (0) 45-448322

** A panel may be formed from applications for positions that may arise in the future **

SAM is an equal opportunity employer


The project manager is responsible for the overall development of Riverbank Arts Centre and programme both within the centre itself and in outreach venues throughout the County of Kildare, in accordance with the policy of the Board of Strategic Arts Management Ltd.

Inherent in the nature of the work is a requirement to understand and appreciate the needs of the community in the context of contemporary arts practice.

The manager will have project management experience as well as the ability to manage staff and the administration and financial operation of the centre.

Responsibilities and duties

The project manager will report to County Kildare Strategic Arts Management Company (SAM Ltd) that reflects a partnership between Kildare County Council and County Kildare Arts Community. The project manager will work on behalf of SAM Ltd, and the wider community to devise, initiate and manage an innovative and interactive arts development programme for SAM.

At the direction/ approval of the Board

The project manager will:

  • Develop a strategic plan for both building based and countywide arts programmes, which will engage both existing and potential audiences.
  • Negotiate / devise / develop new arts initiatives in response to perceived needs.
  • Negotiate terms for the use of the centre and will also work to create positive relationships with other cultural, educational and funding bodies, including the Arts Council, Department of Arts, Sports and Tourism.
  • Maintain appropriate records and administrative systems to facilitate the efficient and effective management of the Centre and its programme.
  • Work closely with the County Arts Officer and County Librarian and he/she will have the support of the library network in developing and delivering countywide initiatives.
  • Devise and manage an education programme for the centre
  • Carry out other duties as required.


The project manager will

  • Liaise with the Board of Directors on all matters relating to finance.
  • Prepare and manage a budget for the annual programme (to include multi-annual budgeting)
  • Set clear financial targets for that purpose to enable board of Directors to determine the annual budget.
  • Monitor out-turns against budgets on a periodic basis which will be as determined by the Board. He/she shall recommend corrective budgetary action to the Board as appropriate.
  • Make available to the Board, management accounts for their information and shall provide costings on any plans prepared b the Board.
  • Ensure that all monies due are brought to account to include grant claims, sponsorships, box-office receipts and other income of SAM.
  • Source and maximise grant aid, sponsorship, donations, earned income and other sources of funding.
  • Certify payment of wages and other expenses and prepare accounts annually for audit purposes and liaise with the Auditor in the context of all funding bodies.
  • Ensure proper insurance cover on the Employer’s property, Public Liability Insurance, Employer’s Liability Insurance and all other insurable risks relating to the business of the Kildare Arts Centre as agreed by the Board.

Employment and Contracts

The project manager will

  • liaise with and advise the Board on all matters relating to employment and contracts
  • shall carry out all legal instructions of the Board in the matter of all contracts issuing in the name of the Employer.
  • Having sought and received the Employer’s approval, be responsible for the preparation and administration of all contracts to include contracts of employment for all employees, contracts for supply of goods and services to the employer, and contracts for all performers and other Riverbank Arts Centre users.
  • Be responsible for the direction and control of all SAM employees and for all industrial relations matters other than those relating to his/her own employment.
  • Review the efficiency, time keeping, performance, standards to be achieved and productivity of said staff and shall report to the Board on these matters as required.
  • Be responsible for staff welfare, including safety, training and discipline and shall delegate tasks to each member of staff as deemed necessary.

Conditions of employment

The project manager will be employed on the basis of a 3-year contract with an initial probationary period of 6 months and will be subject to one month’s notice in writing on either side and depending on continuing finance being available.

Salary scale: € 40,000 minimum

Travel and subsistence will be paid at the normal local authority rates

Duty at weekends and at night (as required) will be an integral part of the working week

Hours of work should be 35 hours weekly.

The project manager should have available his/her own transport, and a full clean driving license.

Relations with the Board

The project manager shall attend all meetings of the Board when requested, and report to the Board on :-

  • Artistic Policy and Programming
  • Grant aid and fund Raising
  • Staffing
  • General Administration
  • Finance
  • Maintenance

And shall report to the Board on all matters relating to the Board and assist the Board in developing plans and programmes for the Riverbank Arts Centre and outreach projects.

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