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Temporary Foray , a series of artistic critical reflection discussions - "an invitation to an artistic expedition"

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Information and timetable sheets available on the Riverbank Website

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Kildare County Council Arts Service continues its successful and innovative series ‘Temporary Foray’, of Talks ,which consists of a series of talks, screenings and workshops, taking place in Riverbank Arts Centre, Newbridge, Co Kildare.

The monthly series is intended to challenge, stimulate and inform current cultural practice, using national and international models from individuals and organisations involved in cutting edge work in Cameroon, England, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Mexico and The Netherlands.

The impetus for this initiative was the recognition by Kildare County Council of the rapid growth and development of the County and the role of ‘spaces for cultural activity’ in that context. With this in mind, Temporary Foray creates an opportunity to provide ‘food for the soul’ for participants, through engaging activity-based talks and presentations.

According to invited curator, Sally Timmons;

“The first event which took place on the 10th February allowed artists, individuals and groups to meet and engage with two artist-led collectives who are based in Dublin and Vaasa [Finland]. During the morning session, participants took part in a sewing workshop through which the Dublin-based art group – ‘Via’ introduced the working process of artist Bea McMahon who uses sources such as mathematical theory and sewing to inspire her practice. In the afternoon, ‘Platform’ – an artist-led collective based in Finland introduced some of the activities which they have undertaken in the regional town of Vaasa in west Finland which is comparable in size to Newbridge [or towns of similar size] in Co. Kildare. The event was a great success and allowed artists, students and working groups to interact and discuss issues such as - cooperation, audiences and the spaces in which cultural activities take place”

The Temporary Foray continued series will take place from 11am to 4pm on Fridays - Forthcoming invited speakers will include:

Willie White from ‘Project’, Dublin

Live Art Development Agency, London

Art Bakery, Cameroon

El Despacho [The Office], Mexico

Taxi Gallery, Cambridge

Cesari Pietroiusti, Rome

Dave Beech, Manchester/London

Metropolitan Complex, Dublin

For bookings and for further details about the Temporary Foray programme contact:

Kildare County Arts Service, Riverbank, Main Street, Newbridge, Co Kildare.

Tel: Lucina Russell/Brenda Brady 045-448318 ,


Booking Form available here