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New Photographic Collection Launch Night

ICD – "images of cultural diversity in Kildare"


What? - Invitation to a launch

Kildare Community Partnership & Kildare Traveller Network would like to invite you to the launch of “Images of Cultural Diversity” a collection of images created by first time photographers in Co Kildare.

Where? - Kildare County Council Offices, Aras Chill Dara, Devoy Park, Newbridge Road, Naas.

When? - At 11 am on Friday the 30th June 2006.

Why? - The goals of this project were:

  • To document with photographs the ethnic diversity of the Kildare community
  • To create an exhibition entitled ‘Images of Cultural Diversity in County Kildare’.
  • To this end Travellers, Asylum Seeker’s, and the settled community came together to take part in a digital photography course. These imaginative and honest images capture life, family and community and are collected together in this very special exhibition.

Who? - We would like to extend our thanks to the many groups and individuals who made this exhibition possible. Thank you to our partners: Kildare Traveller Network and Kildare, Asylum Seekers Support Group. Thank you to Kildare Youth Service for providing the venue for the course and Kildare County Council who have generously offered to host and support the launch of this exhibition.

Particular thanks to the trainee photographers from the Cameroon, Ireland’s Traveller and Settled Communities, and Nigeria, who created this collection. This group who brought a richness of culture to the project now bring a richness of images to the wider Kildare community.

Find out more about this - We are enthusiastically supporting the offer of this exhibition to any organisation that wishes to display it. The images are available in large and small format for different venues.

Contact Eliska Schneiderova on 045 895450 or at


“This exhibition goes to the heart of the Kildare Community Partnership’s ethos; Creating Opportunities for individuals and communities to realise their full potential”.

Mary Keane - C.E.O, Kildare Community Partnership.

“People live again in print as intensely as when their images were captured”.

Ansel Adams – Photographer.

"This Project shows Travellers as a visible ethnic community in Kildare, working together with Ireland’s new communities."

Elizabeth McDonough – Kildare Traveller Network

“In this time of change for Kildare and Ireland we have a chance to capture images of our diverse and changing community.

This group of first time photographers are part of the vanguard that will help to create the images that reflect our multi-cultural community.

Their images show Kildare as it is now, images of change, images of culture, images of diversity”.

Jim Doyle – Member of Visual Artists Ireland